CSA: Community Supported Agriculture
Are you looking for Amazing tomatoes? Smokey Bacon? Arm loads of Leafy Greens? A grill full of wicked good Sausages? And a Beautiful Flower bouquet to make someone feel special? And you want access to that every week? or every month?  Well then you have found the right farm! We raise our hogs on pasture; they are allowed to run, root, wallow, and just plain lay in the sun enjoying the fresh air! Our vegetables are crazy fresh! We grow a lot of heirlooms which means our veggie varieties are selected to taste amazing. With all this great food you will look like a super hero cook when you serve it up to your friends and family!
By prepaying for our certified organic produce ahead of time, you can shop from our market stand. Come to any of our farmers' markets and we'll deduct what you buy from your balance. We'll keep track of everything. It couldn't be easier!
How Does It Work?
By pre-paying for our products now, making it easy to shop at our farmers' market stand all year long. Once you choose to make us one of your farmers, you buy a share at any of our farmers’ markets or by emailing us, and we will hook you up with a CSA card with your total CSA value then come to any of our farmers markets and we'll deduct what you buy from your balance by just swiping your CSA card. So you always know how much you have used and what you have left. It couldn't be easier!  You can spread your CSA out for years or you can use it all in one day!  You can choose to use it all on Pork or all on veggies or any combination. Most importantly if it is at our stand it is included in our CSA program!  If you prefer to not spend the time shopping then let us know and we will box up a share for you each week and have it ready to go!  This boxed option is also available on our farm!


How Much Does It Cost?

Any increment of $100 will do, but you get 5% bonus for shares over $200, 10% for shares over $500, or 15% for shares over $1000. We are happy to carry unused share money through the winter into the next year!  ( for example if you buy $1000 share we would give you a 15% bonus so $1000+$150= $1150 total value!)

The below charts are meant to assist you in deciding what size share is right for you!  using these charts you can plug in  how much $ you usually spend with us and see how that looks over the entire season or year!
We have rounded the amounts to make it easier to decided what whole number amount will fit your households needs!